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Ajay and Atul Gogavale are the two children’s of a Revenue Department officer Mr. Ashok Gogavale, in Alandi, Pune. Both were born in pune. Brought up in several villages in western Maharashtra. As their Father had a transferable job.

Atul was born on 11 September 1974 and Ajay his younger brother born 21 August 1976.

I would like to tell their childhood as they not much attracted towards academics, but they are very much interested in music when they were in school. Around this time, they started experimenting with music. In an NCC competition, Ajay played an existing composition differently, and they won the prize for their experiment.

They did not have a musical background. Even they were not supported by their family directly for music, as their family could not afford the instruments for their musical endeavors, they started their musical ventures through their school, temples, local and bands etc.

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Despite not getting direct training, they learnt a lot from these ventures. They would befriend people who owned instruments like harmoniums, Dhole etc., since they could not afford them on their own. Later, while at college, they started working with local bands as arrangers. Their father bought them a keyboard on their mother's insistence.

This will show that one of the greatest gifts. Their father said, "You have not been given any toys during childhood, now this is your toy." This inspired them and they started playing with that toy as a music.

After that they came to Mumbai and started working on an international non-film music album "Vishwavinayaka". This Shows that to be a big break for them and paved the way for their foray into the Indian (mostly Marathi) music industry. They worked on many commercial jingles, ballets and advertisements to strengthen their profile.

Personal Life:

Ajay Gogavle is a Music director and also one side of famous Jodi Ajay-Atul.

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